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Becoming a Digital Nomad: Working From Anywhere (How To Set Up Shop)

“Digital nomad” sounds like the quintessential dream job: traveling the world with a laptop and the essentials.  Living Your Dream!

Making your own schedule in a foreign coffee shop, hopping from destination to destination as you cross yet another country off your bucket list.

You are able to have that in itself or be thrilled to enjoy a peaceful and productive life at home with your family.








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Professors and Influencers

Stephen Munson

World Traveler, Story Teller, Creative Writer and Founder of Heal Worldwide and Brand10X

Vince Webb

Chief Developer of Affiliate and Team Systems.  Co-Founder of Simple2Advertise

David Sharpe

Business Growth Strategist, Content Savant, and Legendary Marketer.

Jubril Agoro

Global Marketing & Social Media Consultant. Founder of Passport Heavy.


What is a Digital Nomad?

A “digital nomad” is a person who chooses to embrace remote work as a lifestyle choice, using technology to make a living that enables themselves to be as mobile as they want to be.

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